This is my way of saying thank you to people who have contributed to my website. If you find my find my blog interesting and have decided to add a backlink to my site, please write to me at my email and I’ll add you a backlink back to you here! I also include good blogs who have inspired me in my web design or trading. Thank you all, thank you and thank you once again :)


Dividend Growth Investor

This website focuses primary on the topic of dividends. It provides good selections of dividend stocks periodically and posts generally about how to grow your portfolio. I like it’s down to earth approach to investing and am giving it a thumbs up. Link here.


Abnormal Returns

Tadas Viskanta is a private investor with over 25 years of experience in the financial markets. His blog covers a variety of topics from investments, economics, to financials and taxation. I like the section where he compiles the top clicks, where you can discover what is hot on that week. Link here.



I pondered upon this blog while browsing through some blog sites. The owner of the site, Royston, has been very nice and added me to his list of bloggers compilation. This site compiles a list of bloggers and helps promote other blog sites. Wonderful. Thank you and check his site here.

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