Leap Now!

Leaping ahead to Successful Trades

A simple trading system that works and with every leap you take, you gain an additional winning edge. 

Leap 1

Know the Stock Market & Know Yourself

How does the stock market work and what type of trading works for you?


Leap 2

Create a Stock Portfolio that makes sense

Know your stocks before you trade them. See how to create one that motivates you with simple guidelines.

Leap 3 

Learn what's important in Fundamental Analysis

Learn how fundamental analysis can be made easy and how it can help make smarter trades

Leap 4

Apply simple Technical Analysis that works best

There are hundreds of tools out there. See why keeping it simple gives you the best outcome.

Leap 5 

Create trading strategies that work 

See how trading strategies are created with knowledge put together. Check out proven trading strategies.

Leap 6

Understanding your probabilities of winning

No strategies are full proof. Back test your strategies to test their effectiveness. Paper trade to practice proper execution and learn how to react real-time.

Leap 7

Risk Management

There are good days and bad days. The difference between a survivor and a failure lies with the ability to manage risk.

Leap 8

 Cultivate the Discipline

Every thing falls apart without discipline. This is no doubt the most important recipe for success.

Leap 9


This is where you see the fruits of labor. Remember, do every bit that increases your winning probability. Without the winning edge, you are just another regular trader.

 Leap 10

Track and Improve

If you do not track, how do you know where to improve? Check out some free useful tools that can help improve and manage your trades.

 .Good luck and leap into success!

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