How Stocks Markets Work

How Stock Markets Work?

The stocks market goes back in the early 1700s with the London Stock Exchange officially formed in 1773 and the New York Stock Exchange officially formed in 1792. The concepts of trading stocks during then hasn't changed much till now except with the fact that a lot of the trades have now been more automated than before.  

NYSE Old Days

NYSE Modern

Let's make the learning journey a little more interesting by sitting back to watch this classic video clip on how the stock market works. As I have said above, nothing has changed much since the day it started so this clip is still very much relevant. Enjoy!

Interesting? Alright, let's watch another clip that is developed in the 21st century. 

Now that you've got a basic understanding of the stocks market, it's time to learn a little about analyzing the companies that you are going to trade. Selecting good companies to include into your monitoring portfolio does not take a lot of efforts. However, before you go any further, you may want to see how much you know about stocks trading. Check out the next sections to find out more. 


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