Finding Financial Info in Seconds

Finding Financial Info in Seconds

Having understood financial reporting and financial ratios, the next question to answer is where to find these information. Traditionally, these numbers will be found on a company’s website as all listed companies are required by regulation to post their financial performances. Financial ratios however, needs to be painstakingly calculated by reviewing information from their financial reports namely balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statements.

Good news to you, all these have been made extremely easy and convenient to extract.


Step 1

Go to Reuter’s website –

Type in the company that you want to search. Try Apple for example.

Select the link with the stock code –> APPL.O

Reuter mainpage


Step 2

Click on Financials tab

Reuter Apple Page


Step 3

Done – All you need in seconds!

Reuters Revenue and EPS

Reuters - Valuation Ratios


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