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Hi All, welcome to SteadyLeaps.com! I am a full time employee who loves my job and at the same time am passionate about trading and enjoys earning an alternate source of income from the stock market. Just call me Steady or Steadyleaps for confidentiality of my identity so that my colleagues or bosses won’t think that I am skiving during my work.

Seriously, I only spend two 5 mins a day checking on my stocks, during work hours, and it usually happens when I am walking to the pantry for a coffee or for a toilet break. Most of the hard work preparing my trading plan would have been prepared during my free time after dinner.


My Story

I’ve started trading at about 22 years old. During then, I was more like a administrator for my mum to execute her trades. I have little understanding about stock markets then, and would help her place her trades via her online trading platform which I opened for her or call her broker to execute her positions. Sometimes I felt silly as I will be asking my broker for advise and he will tell be about resistance and support levels while I listen attentively without any clues what he was talking about.  I would then transfer the same messages to my mum whom I realize have no clues at all too. Holy molly…


We made money!


…Hmm out of pure luck because the whole market was on a long term uptrend. The easy money caught my interest and I started reading up the analyst reports that was sent to me by my broker and recommended stocks to my mum believing very much what was written thinking that was inside info which was not broadcast in the news.


We made more money!


Luck brought us that far till the fall of the Lehman Brothers. Things turned around fast and furious. The stocks market collapsed. Our profits got eroded and within months we turned from profits to losses. I asked my mum what should we do and she was a firm believer that the markets always turn around.


Did the market turn around? Yes it did, but it fell for a continuous 1 year. Unfortunately for us, our portfolio consisted mostly of penny stocks, which some disappeared into thin air because the companies couldn’t survive the market downturn while others just remained stagnant. I watched in pain while other stocks recovered.


This money could have been better used for my mum’s retirement funds… I regretted not learning more about the subject I was dealing with. That was how ignorant I was about the stock markets then.


I felt responsible for the losing so much of my mum’s money and couldn’t deal with the trauma hence stayed away from the markets for a while. Focused on work, saved some money and came back again, this time without my mum. I was trading with my own money. Determined to make back the money, I attended trading seminars, did some self reading, discussed with friends about their trades, and etc. Felt like I was in a much better shape than before. Outcome?  I still lost…but for different reasons.


Mainly, I was not able to cope with handling a full time day job and trade professionally at the same time. The stocks market is like a sea of sharks. There are professional traders, institutions, fund managers out there waiting to grab every piece of meat they can.


I don’t give up easily, and definitely not a fan of losing.


Took another two years to sharpen my knife, found a suitable trading style to balance my full time job and started clawing back my loses inch by inch. It was a freaking long journey.


Why I set up this website

1. Help new and part-time avoid the pitfalls of trading I’ve been through. It will be especially sad to see young adults wipe out their savings which can be used for important milestones like marriages or supporting their families.

2. Save new traders tonnes of money having to sit through expensive trading seminars.

3. Save all traders time in sharpening their trading skills. Trading books are a really good source of knowledge and highly advocated to invest the time reading up. However, I understand that not all have the liberty of time to sit on a coach to enjoy reading through pages of trading books. Hence, key topics posted in this site will fast track the learning curve.

4. And of course, I picked up this new hobby of setting up a website. By the way, I realized that this takes a lot of commitment as well! Please bare with me if you see the formats changing every now and then. I am just trying to make it more pleasing to my eyes, and hopefully yours too :)

If you have read so far down, I just want to say…



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